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MIG Cig Express Kit



Mig Cig is the best of the disposable cigarette style vape devices. Many legacy smokers want a device the feels the same shape as a cigarette. This one is extremely glossy and feels wonderful in the hand.The technology inside makes this ecig put out more power and longer than our closest competition.Bottom line for you, well this thing gives a great warm hit every time. Cartridge Pods are a fraction of the cost of JUUL Pods and similar devices and we include more e juice in each one. Try this one, you will not regret it. Not Intended for refill


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The express kit comes with one of 4 tobacco and Menthol flavors designed to help traditional cigarette smokers alternate to vaping. Our tobacco flavors match up our rendition perfectly with some of the top cigarette brands in accordance to flavor, texture, and vapor production to help these customers transition easily. Our batteries have a special IC chip designed to allow the consumer to receive maximum vapor production throughout the lifespan of the battery, pushing out 4.2v from 100% charge to 0%. Sahara resembles a light tobacco taste. Red Zeppelin has a strong tobacco taste. House is light with like a congress flavor Menthol provides a cool, refreshing hit. EACH DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE POD comes with 0.9Ml of juice and 5mg ULTA Nicotine Juice.


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